Northern Zone League


2017 Northern League details are still TBC

Important Documents:

To be added for 2017: 2017 Entry form, Team player lists, 2017 Rules

Scoresheet master copy:  Northern Zone Scoresheet

Rotation slips master sheet: Northern Zone Rotation Slips 8 per sheet


MEN (John Hall Cup)          WOMEN (Stew Henderson Cup)

2013 – Sparta                      2013 – Sparta

2014 – Mauao                     2014 – Harbour Raiders

2015 – Harbour Raiders      2015 –  Tauranga A

2016 – Mauao                     2016 –  Tauranga A

Playing Rules 

Transfers (including form)

Northern Zone players that have played for another club in the last 2 seasons, MUST be transferred before their first game. Transfer form available from Volleyball NZ.

Zone Player Registrations

Every player playing for a club in the Zone League MUST be registered with Volleyball NZ.


1st Referees should be qualified to the level allowing them to ref at Club Nationals. There must be a minimum of 5 duty people – 1st & 2nd Ref, Scorer (on official scoresheets), 2 linespeople (4 is better).


Shirts must be the same colour & design, with proper numbers; Libero uniforms must be a contrasting colour. Shorts must be the same colour and design, as must socks. Skins are not allowed to be worn at Club Nationals, so you might want to get used to that now!

Player Numbers

Only 12 players on the scoresheet, including Libero(s). Only players on the scoresheet team list – signed before the game starts – may play in the game, and only those present before the match starts may go on the team list.


International rules (6 subs, max 2 players per position per set, 2 Liberos allowed, but must be listed on scoresheet before match starts).

Playing Times

The listed time is the time for the first serve; except a). where playing teams and duty team agree to start early; or b). When the previous match finishes late, when there will be 15 mins until the 1st serve of the next game (if a double header, a maximum of 30 mins – mostly scheduled into the draw). Net warm-ups are 5 mins per team, or 10 mins combined. The toss should be taken 15 mins before the start time. If there are not at least 6 players present at match start time, the game will be defaulted (although a maximum 10-minute leeway may be given).


All playing rule interpretations are to be decided by the 1st Referee during the match, after consultation with the captains of the playing teams. Depending on which teams are involved, other protests will be heard and decided by a Protest Committee including Dave Macpherson (Convenor), and 2 others, none from involved teams. Protests must be noted on the scoresheet, and may also be emailed to myself.