Senior Secondary Schools Competition

Results for 2021 Senior Schools Volleyball: WSS 2021 Volleyball Final Positions

2021 Senior Secondary Schools Champions
1st Div Boys: Hillcrest HS A                                                                                                         1st Div Girls: Matamata College A

2nd Div Boys: Fairfield College                                                                                                         2nd Div Girls: Te Kopuku High A                                                                                                    3rd Div Girls: Te Kopuku High B

Star 7 Competition Team:
Boys: MVP – Jarod Robert (Hillcrest), Mitchell Stone & Kyle Smith (Hillcrest), Ollie Morton-Farelly & Conor Goodwin (Matamata), Tahlor Cahill (HBHS), Antonio Vuna (Fraser)

Girls: MVP – Mollie Allison (Matamata), Kimiora Cooper & Maude Rewha (Te Awamutu), Abby McDonald & Ericha Lander (Matamata), Kyla Te Wano-Greensill (Hillcrest), Tiana Landon (Fraser)


Past Senior Schools Champions

Boys: Hillcrest HS A                                                                                                         Girls: Te Awamutu College Grey

Boys: Hillcrest HS A                                                                                                         Girls: Matamata College

Boys: Hillcrest HS A                                                                                                          Girls: Matamata College

Boys: Fraser HS                                                                                                           Girls: Matamata College

Boys: Hillcrest HS
Girls: Fraser HS

Boys: Hillcrest HS
Girls: Hillcrest HS
Boys: Hillcrest HS
Girls: Matamata College

Important Documents

Full Scoresheet: Schools Senior Scoresheet

Score Recording Sheet (to be sent back to organiser once completed): Score Recording Sheet Senior Comp

Rotation slips (8 per A4 sheet): Waikato Schools Rotation Slips

Referee Requirements for Nationals

  • It is a requirement of entry to the National Secondary Schools’ Volleyball Championships for each team to provide a VNZ qualified Regional (or above) Referee.
  • The nominated referee/s must be identified on the Team List (on line registration) with their level of accreditation. This will be confirmed by the VNZ Referee Development Manager. Additional qualified referee/s may be added to the team roster at the Technical meeting and are subject to confirmation by the Referee Delegate.
  • The nominated referee/s must attend the Referees Meeting at Nationals
  • The Referee Delegate at the Tournament will fulfill a mentoring and practical assessment role to assist referees wishing to upgrade. Referees wishing to upgrade must meet with the Referee Delegate and arrange a time to suit.
  • Teams must supply own whistles and ensure these are not shared.
  • VNZ supports students as 1st Referee. Where a school nominates students as referees, either the Team Coach or Manager MUST be present at the score bench for the duration of the team duty and wear the court bib provided to show the designated adult in charge of the duty team.