Under-15 IPC 2020

  • The 2020 Under-15 IPC (InterProvincial Championship) Tournament is being held at ‘The Peak’, the 2-year-old recreation centre at Rototuna High Schools, in Hamilton’s north-east suburbs.
  • This is a 6-court venue, used by the IPC hosts, Waikato Regional Volleyball Association, for its major school events – the Junior and Senior competitions – for Kiwivolley activities, for Academy training and for matches in the Midlands (and formerly Northern) Zone club volleyball leagues.
  • This IPC event was established by the Bay of Plenty, Waikato and Manukau-Auckland Volleyball Associations in 2000, with the North Harbour Association joining the ‘home Associations’ in 2010. [These Associations also started the U17 and U19 events, which have since been adopted by Volleyball NZ).
  • The 2020 U15 Tournament starts on Sunday 13th December, with the first games at 2.00pm. It ends on Tuesday 15th, with the Girls’ Final at 2.00pm, and the Boys’ Final at 3.00pm. There are 23 teams participating in this event, from around NZ.

2019 Champions were: Harbour Black (Girls), and Waikato Black (Boys).

2020 DrawUnder-15 IPC Draw 2020

2020 Results: Please check draw to find where your section finishing position has you playing and dutying on Tuesday – or call Dave on 021-477 388

  • Boys Section A: Boys Section A Final Results
  • Boys Section B: Boys Section B Final Results
  • Girls Section A: Girls Section A Final Results
  • Girls Section B: Girls Section B Final Results
  • Boys Post-section games (Tuesday)
  • (5th-8th): Hawkes Bay b Waikato Red 2-1 (25-22,18-25,15-13); Bay of Plenty Gold b Harbour Black 2-1 (27-29,26-24,15-10); Harbour Black b Waikato Red 2-0 (25-19,25-13); Bay of Plenty Gold b Hawkes Bay 2-0 (25-23,25-17)
  • Semifinals: Wellington Black b Taranaki Selection 2-1 (16-25,25-18,15-13); Bay of Plenty Blue b Waikato Black 2-1 (25-13,16-25,15-9);
  • (9th-12th): Harbour Red b Waikato Yellow 2-1 (25-10,20-25,15-13); Wellington Gold b Tasman 2-1 (25-20,19-25,15-12); Tasman b Waikato Yellow 2-0 (25-16,25-19); Harbour Red b Wellington Gold 2-1 (25-11,23-25,15-11)
  • BRONZE: Taranaki Selection b Waikato Black 2-0 (25-18,25-18)
  • FINAL: Wellington Black b Bay of Plenty Blue 2-1 (22-25,25-15,15-`13)
  • Girls Post-section games (Tuesday)
  • Semi-finals: Harbour Black b Waikato Black 2-0 (25-19,25-19); Bay of Plenty Blue b Wellington Black 2-0 (25-11,25-19)
  • (9th-11th): Wellington Gold b Waikato Yellow 2-0 (25-23,25-19); Waikato Yellow b Waikato Red 2-1 (25-22,20-25,15-13); Wellington Gold b Waikato Red 2-0 (25-18,25-16)
  • (5th-8th): Bay of Plenty Gold b Hawkes Bay 2-1 (19-25,25-13,15-10); Tasman b Harbour Red 2-0 (25-16,25-17); Hawkes Bay b Harbour Red 2-0 (27-17,30-28); Bay of Plenty Gold b Tasman 2-0 (25-14,25-23)
  • BRONZE: Waikato Black b Wellington Black 2-1 (25-12,21-25,15-7)
  • FINAL: Harbour Black b Bay of Plenty Blue 2-1 (25-21,21-25,16-14)
  • Tournament MVPs and ‘Star 7’ Selections
  • GIRLS: Star 7 – Marnie Ursem, Kiana Stevenson, Holly Isherwood, Amy Bickers (all Harbour Black), Grace Tiplady,Lucy Lloyd (Bay of Plenty Blue), Karllie Alexander (Waikato Black). MVP – Amy Bickers
  • BOYS: Jerome Tafeili, Josh Tia, Xante Siolo (all Wellington Black), Ollie Forsyth, Jaime Julian (Bay of Plenty Blue), Jayden Leece, Riley Houghton (Taranaki Selection), MVP: Jerome Tafeili

Tournament Notes

Tournament Forms: